GH Crecemos is born with the mission of contributing to the construction of a safer society, one where individuals may move, build relationships and carry out their business in conditions of maximum safety.

Our main purpose is to close the gap that currently exists between cybersecurity and technologies applied to physical safety. Furthermore, we pay special attention to security technologies applied to individuals, as we believe that while significant efforts are made for the protection of corporate assets, personal protection has not yet been the target of similar efforts.

GH Crecemos has developed the “Cyber-bodyguard” concept for the technological protection of exposed individuals, VIPs, executives, etc…

Cyber-bodyguard is a suite with several modules offered on a service mode basis that include tools developed by GH Crecemos for secure communications, in terms of both encryption and geographic delocalisation.

Our service portfolio also includes penetration tests for VIPs and closed associates; 24x7 monitoring to prevent, detect and, where applicable, block cyberattacks; and, analysis of personal and professional data leaks in various information networks, including less visible networks such as the “Deep Web” or “Wikileaks”.

GH Crecemos offers a variety of security services that take into account the dynamism of organisations, their networks growth, their staff turnover, their strategies for multi-channel relation, their commercial, technical and R&D activities, as well as corporate reputation, marketing and crisis management.


The main purpose of the Security Assessment with a penetration test (Pentest) is to gain knowledge of the level of exposure to security risks and the level of susceptibility to eventual attacks or external access to data of the client’s systems, by:

Assessing the external security of Web applications:

For its Application Audits, GH Crecemos relies on the professional experience of its auditor and on worldwide recognised technologies, such as OWASP, and only execute modules applicable to the Audit of Running Web Applications.

Assessing the external security of public IPs:

The external intrusion test will be conducted from the Internet, using manual and automated techniques on IP addresses identified using services published on the Internet.


Corporate reputation is increasingly vulnerable in the on-line world.

Corporate executives are often exposed to threats, harassment and abuse.

The number of internal news or trade secrets leaked in social media has grown exponentially.

Brand damage may be up to the six-figure range.

What do we offer?

Investigation of “social media alias/nick”:

→ Successful identification of any Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn user.

Basic+success engagement mode.

Delivery of a report containing investigation lines and percentage of certainty.

Security Master Plans

At GH Crecemos we understand the peculiarities of your organisation and we offer a fully customised and time-adaptative 360° security master plan, which includes technologies contributing to the security of your physical and digital assets. This plan is based on certain pillars although it is no chained thereto.


Thanks to the advances in IT systems computing power, graphic capabilities and databases, we can assure that it is currently possible to automatically recognise any individual by its unique and unequivocal features.

The biggest challenge lies in the selection of the most appropriate system for each project. GH Crecemos emerges in the value chain as the leading actor to assist your organisation to choose the best person recognition software, taking into consideration your work environment and the results sought.

GH Crecemos will select the less intrusive and most efficient system for each user and will present its clients with solutions that may be based on either specific behavioural patterns or physical features.

GH Crecemos has the necessary partnerships and expertise to provide personal identification systems based on:

→ Voice

→ Iris

→ Fingerprint

→ Facial features, both cooperative and non-cooperative

→ Signature

Additionally, our integration capacity allows us to offer multi-mode identification systems based on both biometrics (voice+face) and non-biometrics technologies.

Access control

Smart access control systems based on facial biometrics, fingerprint or voice.

Smart video-surveillance

Detection of individuals included in databases, based on facial features and without their knowledge or cooperation. Control of white lists, black lists, VIPs…

Forensic analysis

Recognition of individuals from video or audio recordings, based on biometrics features.

Device audit

If you suspect that your devices may have been compromised, GH Crecemos offers you the possibility of performing a forensic analysis of your devices (servers, PCs, tablets or telephones) in order to verify whether:

→ Any virus or trojan horse has been inserted.

→ There is any spyware or undesired settings allowing the device to be monitored, messages or conversations to be recorded, or its location to be traced.

→ Any data has been stolen.

→ The device is part of a bot network.

→ The device’s processing power is being used for illicit or unknown activities, such as cryptojacking.

→ The device has been or is being used by unknown third-parties without your knowledge.

Founding Partners

Constantino Méndez-Martínez

Secretary of State for Defence in 2008, he has a long career as high-ranking public officer. He served as Director General of the Social Marine Institute and of the National Social Security Institute.

He has also served as Vice-chairman of Sociedad Estatal de Infraestructuras y Equipamientos Penitenciarios (the Spanish state-owned company in charge of penitentiary infrastructures and equipment). He is a consultant with several public agencies and large corporations, both in Spain and abroad.

Vicente Condés Moreno

Head of Banking Inspection at the Bank of Spain for over a decade, he has also discharged the positions of Head of Institutional Relations Development and Central Region Manager at “la Caixa”.

He currently is the Head of Institutional Relations and Marketing at the Spanish Association for the Progress of Management, the longest standing Spanish organisation of corporate executives with over 60 years of activities.

Félix Benavides Alonso

Félix has served as Head of Marketing, Head of Business Development and Channel Manager at Cisco Systems IBERIA.

He was Division Manager at Siemens Nixdorff and Commercial Director at Novell Networks.

He has chaired the Aslan Association and being a member of the board of AETIC. He was presented with the Best Marketing Manager Award by “Byte” magazine.

GH Crecemos founding partners regularly take part in training and awareness courses on cybersecurity, data protection and secure communications addressed to exposed individuals, VIPs and members of Senior Management of Committees from several IBEX 35-listed companies and for the Spanish Society of International Studies.

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